Landscaping in Greenwood, Indiana

landscaping in greenwood, indiana

As residents of Greenwood, Indiana, many of you are probably familiar with the sense of community pride that pervades our town. Maintaining and beautifying our yards are just one way we contribute to that sentiment. In line with that, PMT Lawn & Landscape, your friendly local experts, is thrilled to provide our range of landscaping services tailored for the unique characteristics of our beautiful city. For all your needs concerning landscaping in Greenwood, Indiana, PMT Lawn & Landscape is your one-stop solution.

PMT Lawn & Landscape boasts a skilled team of experts, passionate about their work and deeply committed to transforming the landscapes of your lawn into beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether you are seeking routine maintenance services or a complete yard makeover, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that combines innovation, professionalism and understanding.


For starters, our mowing and lawn maintenance services ensure your grass stays healthy and attractive year-round. Using advanced techniques and top-notch equipment, we make sure to take care of your lawn like it’s our own. Our mowing service doesn’t only cut your grass – we adjust our methods based on your grass type and its current health to enhance its strength and appeal.

Then, we offer extensive garden care and plant maintenance services. As experts in landscaping in Greenwood, Indiana, we understand the local soil composition and climate conditions, thus knowing what plants thrive best here. Our specialists are not just equipped to maintain your existing plants but also guide you in choosing new additions that would best fit and enhance your yard.

Are you looking to change the aesthetic of your entire landscape? We can assist you there too! PMT Lawn & Landscape provides a full landscape design service, tailoring each design to your specific desires and needs. We offer complete guidance throughout the design process and carry out professional installations to make your landscape dreams a reality.

If you are troubled with fallen leaves or a dying lawn, our seasonal cleanup services are your solution. We prepare your yard for every changing season – from a refreshing spring clean-up to vitalizing winter preparations, we’ve got your landscape covered.

PMT Lawn & Landscape does not merely view landscaping as a job; it’s our passion. Every yard we service adds a distinctive charm to our Greenwood community and creates a delightful outdoor experience for you. Whether it’s through maintenance, design, or cleanups, we assure you an exceptional service.

For high-quality landscaping in Greenwood, Indiana, think no further than PMT Lawn & Landscape. Your vibrant, healthy, and beautiful outdoor space is just a call away.