Aeration & Overseeding


What is Aeration and Overseeding?

Maintaining a beautiful lawn goes far beyond mowing and watering. To truly create a lawn that stands out, you must dive beneath the surface to consider what’s happening at a root level. Two fundamental aspects of advanced lawn care are Aeration and Overseeding. Combined, these methods rejuvenate your lawn, increasing its density and making it less prone to disease and weed infestations.

Aeration and overseeding is the process implemented to help roots penetrate deeper into the soil to establish a thicker, and healthier lawn. While most lawns benefit from having this service done regularly, those that experience heavy use ( children and pets playing, outdoor activities, etc.) and those that were recently built (new construction, remodels, etc.) benefit the most.

When should I Aerate and Overseed?

Unlike most lawn services, this process can’t be done whenever. It’s best to do it during the cool fall months, to prepare the grass for the spring seasons.  Most homeowners opt to having this service done once per year to maintain a healthy and thick lawn year round!

Both aeration and overseeding are interlinked. Aerating your lawn before overseeding can be highly beneficial. The aeration process loosens the soil and provides the perfect environment for new seeds to establish, grow and enhance your lawn’s overall appeal and health.

As your trusted lawncare partner, we ensure aeration and overseeding are part of your tailored lawncare routine. Trust in us to create and maintain a robust, healthy lawn that you’ll be proud to show off.

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